Dear Diary, The World and I

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I would like to share a diary entry of a young girl as she questions the world:

Dear Diary,

I’ve been thinking about what’s going on in the world. I just want to know: why is there so much chaos? There are killings, corruption, secrets being revealed, dangerous diseases that are suddenly killing millions of people and it’s happening in certain parts of the world. I mean, what is really going on? I read books, and I imagine a whole different world. Then, I watch TV and all I see is the cause of my deepest fear. I cry because of what I see, and I continue to ask questions: “Why is this happening?” “How can people treat each other so horribly?” 
There are times where I go back in time, to when I was little, and all I saw was the sun, the green grass, and smiles from other kids. Now, the sun has been blocked by dark clouds, and the grass has dried due to lack of nutrients. This world is so dark, and I’m afraid of facing it. What can I do? Will the world have light again? Will the world be better again? I don’t even know…

What’s worse, there are kids living in two different universes. In one universe, kids are living in hunger and poverty, as they witness war right in their home. In another universe, kids are living in materialistic life, with no regards to common sense, and have no shame in their actions. From what I see, they are obsessed with things created by man. All this chaos is affecting the kids in a way that is separating them into two universes. What can be done about these worldly problems? 
Anyway, it’s bedtime, diary. I’ll come back tomorrow…

Please comment below on what this young lady can do to change the world.

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Enjoy your Coffee Artistically

Enjoy your Coffee Artistically