Rise and Grab Glory

How you play today, from this moment on, is how you will be remembered. Take the opportunity to rise from the ashes and grab glory…

We Are Marshall, 2006

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My friend sent me a video of the scene from We Are Marshall (2006), and it was the scene where the new football coach, Jack Lengyel, is giving a speech in front of the memorial, where the names of the former team members and other victims in the plane accident were carved on the marble. Even though the team hasn’t had any luck with winning their games, it didn’t stop them from playing, and eventually win their game in the end. From the loss and the grief of the community, his speech inspired the team to take the opportunity to redeem themselves. The reason that she sent the video to me was because we were both going through a rough time in our lives, and the obstacles that we were facing were so overwhelming, I thought that they were too hot to overcome. What that scene did for me was show me how to redeem myself by getting up from my fall and rising to the light.

When I look at “glory” in this quote, I think about how we can win honorably when we achieve in anything we work hard in, even during the time of grief and loss. In the times of redemption, we reflect on where we fell from and why we need to get up and keep going. While we redeem ourselves, we see glory as our goal, our reward for coming out of the ashes after we get burned. As human beings, we work hard in achieving our goals, and even build ourselves up in the process. Through our hard work, we fall to the ground, sometimes with bumps and bruises, other times without a single scratch. No matter how many times we fall, we always get up to grab our glory, especially with our bumps and bruises.

Whether you’re in the military, education, medicine, law, business, or in the arts, everyone can grab glory. We see it a lot in sports, especially when an athlete is recovering from an injury, retirement, or scandal. What we can learn from these athletes is how they play their sports. They take a break from playing, reflect on their mistakes, or the mishaps that occur in their career, and they build themselves. Only they come back stronger than before. Besides athletics, people in other careers would have to go through something that takes a toll in their lives, whether it’s a loss of a family member, an operation gone wrong, losing a case, a deal that took the wrong turn, or an art piece that offended an audience. I would recommend anyone to watch the scene when they go through a big loss in their career, as it can ultimately affect their lives.

What glory looks like to me is of a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel. For me, falling is as easy as writing my name, for a long time, at least. When I fall, I give myself a hard time by punching myself internally over the mistakes that I’ve made. I do learn from them eventually, and that’s when I come back stronger. It takes time, as I work on myself by doing what I love most and even reading personal growth books to help. Out of the 28 years living in this lifetime, it took me almost 2 years to redeem myself after falling and cleaning up my wounds. It’s still a working progress for me personally, but the progress is well worth it. Glory, to me, is when I can take my life as an example, write it in my novels, and make people happy through my stories. When we redeem ourselves in time, we get closer to having glory ourselves.

One thing’s for sure, we can always take the opportunity to rise from the ashes, and grab glory. All we must do is get up from our fall and keep going.

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Here’s my opinion on organization: I love being organized, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep myself organized. I can keep track of what I have, and easily get rid of things that are not important. It’s boring, but it’s essentially beneficial to life, whether I’m doing art projects, wanting to find a book to read, or even prioritizing my assignments.


Although, it can take time when it comes to organizing your space. Some people plan out their organizing after looking at their space, while others just organize their storage because they don’t have time to plan, even when it takes more time to organize. Here’s some advice: pick a day and time to organize yourself, whether it’s your house or office. I recommend the weekend before the evening time so it doesn’t interfere with your plans, or a day that you need a break from work so you can be more relaxed. If you’re at work, organize as you work, and prioritize tasks.


What makes me grit my teeth is my top 3 people: the messy, the careless, and the nosy. These people make my skin crawl, my blood boil, and my gums hurt. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m an organizing freak.


Let’s begin with the messy people. The messy people are those who throw things around and stuff them anywhere they see fit. Not only that, they take even longer time to find what they need. What’s worse is when other people are looking through space they share with the messy people, and they can’t find anything. You can’t tell what’s new or old, clean or dirty, essential or garbage. I understand that time is of the essence, but it will be better if things were put where they belong. Not to benefit others, but to benefit themselves.


Then, there’s the careless people. Not as messy, but they take stuff and then leave them somewhere else. To people who love organization, that’s annoying, even for employees and customers. Customers ask employees for what they need, employees can’t find it in the proper place, everyone gets upset, and then later employees find it in another place. In my opinion, it’s the employee’s job to maintain the stores, not clean up after people. Here’s an idea: don’t leave the area until you can return the item to its proper place. It’ll be easier for all of us who care a little more.


It’s a bit much, I know, but careless people make me grit my teeth so much, I’m losing enamel on my teeth.


Lastly, the nosy people; the people who just touch things. They’re harmless, I must admit, and all they do is touch things. What makes them annoying is that once they touch something, one of two things happen: something breaks, or they see something they’re not supposed to see. It’s not a big deal to some people, but to others it’s “invasion of privacy”. When they touch my things, I feel like they could break or misplace something. Once they touch something, they start messing around until they see something new and more interesting. I don’t know about you, but personally, it’s annoying.


What all three people- the messy, the careless, and the nosy- have in common in organization is one thing: they mess up the system. Organization is a system that helps people move and move fast. No offense, but these three people get in the way of that. I know that people like some anarchy, but trust me, even anarchy can screw us over. However, here’s the good news: organization doesn’t necessarily have to be everywhere. In the art world, organization exists through instruments and materials, even measurements. Freedom comes in when the work begins. Organization helps a lot, but it doesn’t have to take over our lives.


Organization, in my opinion, can be helpful to keep track of the things we have, and later use them. Organization, as a system, can help see things clearly, and even help bring things to light hidden in the dark. If you have trouble with organizing your space, feel free to comment below.


Remember, when you have trouble organizing, just consider timing and prioritizing, and if it helps, write your plan down. Organization can become second nature when you develop the habit.


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