The Story of the Cafe’s Owner

Before Olive’s Café, a girl explored the world of art at a very young age. She enjoyed drawing, using different hues, and anything that exposed thoughts and imagination. Growing up, she never understood how she was completely different from her family, even when she became an avid reader and writer at age 14. Then, her dream to become a writer came to existence, especially when she found out that she can incorporate her portraits with her writing. From that moment on, she began her dream of expanding her work of art.

Suddenly, noise started to creep into her life like cockroaches. Her family would tell her that she would starve, and that she wouldn’t make money from writing. She worked at a hotel as she went to school to read books and research different works, a strategy that would help her become a better writer. At the beginning of 2014, she began writing blogs, and she figured out how to expose her works of art. What started was writing her very first fable for a course in college, and it inspired her to have a career coming from writing in her blog.

Although she wrote in her blog, her job would take up most of her time, but it didn’t stop her from writing and doing other artwork.  She didn’t enjoy her job, but she did enjoy the art of making coffee. In fact, the idea of the blog site came from the idea of building an actual café, where she was inspired to brew and serve coffee and food that people can enjoy without hurting their bodies.

Although, after working for a very long time at the hotel, she quit the idea of coffee but continued with the concept. That’s when the theme of coffee and art came to be. What really gave her the drive to keep writing was when she started her internship at a magazine company. All of a sudden, she not only decided to expand her works of art, she also began to plan on building her own publishing house with the name “Olive’s Café,” and what she believes is that her company will bring in imagination and have value for her audience, but expresses a variety of thoughts.

Now, she is free from working somewhere that she felt trapped and miserable, and she dedicates her heart and soul into arts and humanities. She makes all the time in the world, writing about her thoughts and imagination, and continuing to draw.

The owner is Kathryn Yareena Oliver, and at Olive’s Café, it is where her audience can enjoy their coffee artistically.

Thank you for tuning in on Olive’s Café!

Enjoy your Coffee Artistically


Kathryn’s Profile [Professional Profile] (subject to change)

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