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Hello avid readers and coffee lovers! Welcome to Olive’s Cafe!

What do you think about the arts? What about humanity? Do you feel overwhelmed when you watch the news and look at Social Media of how the world is operating? If you have questions about what’s going on, why not have them answered by expressing yourself?

Here at Olive’s Cafe, you have the freedom to read content on what the owner thinks about the world, and even share your thoughts on what you observed!

In Olive’s Library, read the stories of adventurous characters as they discover life.

In Olive’s School of Life, explore life lessons told by great Grandpa Aesop.

In Olive’s Corner, get insight from the owner’s thoughts of life.

In Olive’s Tasty Quotas, get a taste of philosophy and messages from works of art.

In Olive’s Bulletin, get up to date with posts from Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Remember, no one is restricted to express how they feel. We’re humans, not robots. We have flesh, blood, and a brain that can reach its full capacity. Why not use it?

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