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Just because you can’t see the stars, doesn’t mean they’re not there.
My Friend and His Wife, 2006 Korean Film


Hello, coffee lovers and avid readers! Welcome to Olive’s Tasty Quotas at Olive’s Café, where you get a taste of philosophy and messages from works of art.

The quote came from the Korean film, My Friend and His Wife, about two friends and a wife, and the changes that took place. At first, I didn’t understand that quote in the movie because it seemed very random. However, it started to make sense, especially with what’s going on in the movie.

So, the movie was about two friends and the wife who separated from each other after the baby passed away. However, the two friends kept a secret of the cause of the baby’s death from the wife. The movie was so eccentric, but the quote, stated by a little girl at a salon, was what intrigued me. I explored this quote every day, trying to figure out what it truly meant.

Then, I had an epiphany. I’ve realized that everyone goes through it in every way. I thought the quote was about existence, and it could be. However, the movie brought the quote to light that the stars can also be secrets. The secret in the movie is that the friends have kept to themselves. In the movie, the friends knew the cause of the baby’s death, and they kept the truth from the wife. Although her husband went to jail, his friend was the one that left the child behind because he didn’t know what to do with the baby while he was crying. When she found out, she planned a revenge against the friend that ruined her family’s life.

After thinking about this quote, I really thought it was about believing what exists even when you don’t see it. However, I soon found out, by analyzing the film, that it was about believing the truth that exists, even when it’s not in front of you and you can’t even see it. Everyone has their own flaws and secrets, but no matter how hard you try to hide them, they still exist.

Many may interpret the quote in terms of existence, but this goes deeper into knowing the existence of truth. One thing’s for sure, “just because you can’t see the stars, doesn’t mean they’re not there.”


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