A New Month, A New Perspective

Hello coffee lovers and avid readers! Welcome to Olive’s Bulletin at Olive’s Cafe, where you get updates about the site and the community.

I just want to say that the month of February was much needed for me to step back from the big social media platforms, and just enjoy my space and my friends.

Although, I was working at my day job, as well as working on my novel project, blog articles, and podcast, I actually got more done while being away from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Then, I realized something…

I STILL haven’t disclosed my intentions on the purpose of all those platforms. It’s as if there’s no point in even having those accounts at all. So, I had to come up a plan so that way, I can continue to support, appreciate, promote artists. And I needed to do better.

Let’s begin, shall we? Firstly, I will be using Facebook to promote events and conversations on all things Arts and Humanities, especially since there’s more available space to share thoughts and opinions. So, basically an extension to Olive’s Corner. Please follow Prose N’ Sip on Facebook and Instagram.

Secondly, I’ll be using Instagram to post more artwork and monthly recommends, and also looking forward to what readers recommend as well so we continue to support each other and other artists as well. (Also, I’ll get to utilize Olive’s Gallery to post not only my own artwork, but also other artists’ artwork.)

Lastly, I’ll be using Twitter for updates and promotions, but they will be short because of the limited amount of space that’s provided (of course, there’s the thread, but I can’t deal with flooding the timeline of the thread being all over the place.)

In addition, I want to disclose a problem that I’m having with Twitter: I keep veering off towards being too personal on my page that’s meant to be strictly professional. Interacting with authors and artists, I believe, is part of the page’s purpose as I get to see the mindset behind the great works being posted on the platform. However, there were times where I steered too much towards my personal feelings, and it was the reason why I even deleted my personal page.

With all the music fans, art fans, book fans, overall all the fans that show IMMENSE support to the artists, thank you for what you do as I feel that Art has made, is making, and will make a difference in the community, and I shall always support your opinions and support. However, I will only stand by your side as you voice your thoughts.

The intention of me building Olive’s Cafe is to have the available space for artists and art fans to share and be themselves. I don’t want to do this by myself, and it’s extremely nice to see the interactions. Please understand that if I’m not interacting with you publicly in the big social media platforms on a personal level, I just want to set a boundary so you can feel comfortable with expressing yourselves. If you want me to be more personal, I do go on other platforms outside of the Big Three (to the Kpop fans, Lol).

To conclude: on my novel project, I’m finally on the editing phase, and I can do all my markups and changes, and removing and adding to the book! It’s super exciting, and I can’t wait to get the paper dirty.

To all the avid readers and coffee lovers, thank you so much for reading my blogs and listening to my voice, and I want to make sure that I get to listen to yours!

Thank you for tuning in on Olive’s Radio at Olive’s Cafe!

Enjoy your coffee artistically!

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