You Are My Dream

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Here’s a poem about a woman who lost her husband, but after a time of grief, she goes outside for fresh air and rewinds memories of when her husband was alive.

I’ve been frozen in my room

The walls closing in on me

But I remain still on my bed.

Can I see my soulmate again?

As I see the first snow fall,

Hearing it sing outside.

The melancholic spell dissipates.

I walk out to dance to winter’s song.

Can I embrace my soulmate again?

I parade in rhythm around the swings

As I remember my first dance with him

My first smile at him

My first kiss with him

My first giggle from him

My first love.

Can I live with my soulmate again?

I fall onto the bed of snow,

Smiling as I reminisce for the first time

He may be gone, but his love lives on through me

And I can dream again.

I can let my soulmate go…

You are my dream.

After losing a loved one, what are the memories that you’re fond of and leads you to smile? Comment down below and feel free to share.

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