It’s Always on Sundays

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Here’s a story of an employee working at a music store and sharing what it’s like working on a Sunday shift.

I never thought working on Sundays would be so exhausting, but lately this day every week always feels off. It’s usually Mondays that we would dread. Working at the music store used to be fun, especially on the weekends when we get to choose the songs and it would seem like a party.

Now, I just wish I can turn off the music when I start my shift.

I put on my mask when I get closer to the entrance of the store and cold air blows in my face, giving me immediate comfort from walking through scorching weather. The summer is getting hotter every year, and this year takes the cake. I’m sweating and I haven’t helped anyone yet.

It doesn’t seem too busy since we just opened, so I guess it’s okay. I say hi to my coworkers and manager before going to the back to put away my belongings. I silently meditate that today will be a good day, and I can go home in peace and sleep better than yesterday. I would have enjoyed my day off yesterday, but I had to help my sister move to her new place and I didn’t get home until 2 in the morning.

Once I feel ready to work, I lock up the locker and clock in before grabbing my name tag to start my shift. I take a deep breath, a habit that’s become normal working here for the past two years. I really want to have a good day, but let’s see how it will turn out today.

As I reach the counter, I can hear in the walkie from our manager, “Charlie, we have Stan in the vinyl section. They have two tote bags with them.”

Of course, we have a Stan in the store. That’s the sixth Stan we had to deal with this month. The Stan prior was insane; we had to call the police on them because they refused to give back the merchandise they tried to steal and even fought Phillip and Charlie for it.

These Stans are just out of control.

Well, I’m sure Charlie is able to handle it. In the meantime, I need to see what’s going on for today’s shift. I look at the task list and it looks like two more people will come in to close, and we received new shipment on Friday that need to be set out for the new arrival shelves tomorrow.

Not too bad. Usually, we would either receive mountains of packages of new releases or we receive nothing at all. Don’t get me started on inventory; those days are hell on Earth.

Actually, this summer is hell on Earth. I almost burned my ass in my car before I got to work.

*SLAM! * I jump at the sound and look up to see a customer fuming red in front of me. I can see smoke escaping from their ears and nostrils like they’re about blow. “I demand to see the manager now!” the customer yells at me. I look at the product and the case is almost shredded with the pages hanging on to dear life. I look at the fuming customer again and smile as I say, “I apologize, ma’am. Let me get the manager for you.” I pick up the phone to call Phillip from his office and when he answers on the first ring, “Yeah?”

“Hey, we have a Felicia here. She’s extremely infuriated with her purchase and demands for you,” I explain to him.  I hear him release a sigh of frustration before he confirms that he’ll come to the counter. I hang up the phone and inform her, “The manager should be here soon.”

“He better! This is atrocious!” she yells some more, waving her damaged CD. I apologize again and go to the other side of the counter to ring up another customer for their items.

“Oh, I love his album!” I say to the customer as I scanned the CD.

“It’s great, isn’t it? I’m getting it for my girlfriend,” he says, beaming as he mentions his girlfriend.

“She’ll be delighted,” I tell him, genuinely happy that he gets to share the love of music with someone he likes.

“CAN’T THE MANAGER HURRY UP?! I HAVE THINGS TO DO!” Felicia screams, making the customer jump and I turn to her. “Ma’am, he’s on his way. He should be here soon,” I assure her.

“YOU SAID THAT 5 MINUTES AGO!” If she screams one more time, I’ll blow my head off.

So much for having a great day.

And I said that 1 minute ago.

I turn back to the customer and wish him a good day after the transaction went through. Felicia watched the customer leave the store, rolled her eyes, and scoffed as she turned back and mumbled, “all these stupid kids listening to trash music…”

Wow, she really has a stick up her ass.

Just as I exhaled, Phillip shows up at the counter and speaks to Felicia. “Yes, ma’am how may I help you?”

“Took you long enough! I bought this three months ago and it was atrocious. I want my money back,” she says.

She can’t be serious! That case looks like her Pomeranian was playing with it.

Phillip exams the case with as much of a poker face as he can muster, and looks at the customer as he says, “Ma’am, unfortunately we can’t return this item.”

Oh shit, she’s ready to blow now.

Charlie comes up next to me and watches the scenario as she yells, “WHY NOT?! THE CD IS ATROCIOUS AND I WANT MY MONEY BACK!”

“Another Felicia?” Charlie whispers to me. I nod and I hear him sigh. “She’s worse than the one yesterday.”

“What happened yesterday?” I ask him and nod as I hear Phillip say, “Ma’am, the entire product is too damaged, and we won’t be able to sell. And there’s no receipt that proves that you bought the CD.”

“Here comes the boom,” Charlie whispers.


“Ma’am, with all due respect there are other music stores that do sell CDs like this one, so I need proof that you purchased it from here. Even if you did, our return policy is 30 days with the receipt.”

“That makes no sense whatsoever! Either you give me my money back or I will go to corporate,” she says, making a stand as if she won.

Not even. This is a family-owned store, and we don’t even have a corporate office yet.

“Oh, what happened yesterday?” I ask Charlie.

“A Felicia was upset that I told her she couldn’t sit in the aisle near the merchandise. She was like, ‘Oh, this is ridiculous. I just want to chill out, why can’t I chill out?’ Something like that.”

“Did you tell her about the incident that happened with a Stan last month?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, she left at once as she apologized. Even Phillip laughed at that. Told me not to do it again, though. But he laughed,” Charlie says, making me laugh.

“Oh goodness. Oh, and the Stan today?” I asked.

“I escorted him out the door once I caught him trying to steal a few vinyls. He even left behind the totes bags.”

“What did you find?”

“Vinyls, CDs, merchandise that goes with the new releases, and some magazines that we don’t sell,” Charles lists. I scoff as I say, “Of course, he probably stole those magazines too.”

He nods. “Well, I reported it and it’s on record. He comes back, and Paul will have to make a visit.”

“FINE! FORGET THIS STORE! I WILL NEVER EVER COME BACK AGAIN! Do you know how important I am?! You will NEVER have a customer like me EVER!” Felicia screams at Phillip as she throws the damaged case at him and rushed out of the door before Charlie can reach her.

“Seriously, people like her are making me do more work that I need to,” Charlie says as he walks away.

“Well, I refused to take in the damaged item so, she can be upset all she wants,” Phillip says as he picks up the damaged case.

“Alright, well let me know when you’re ready to make a report,” Charlie says as he walks away.

“Will do,” Phillip responds as he walks up to me.

“This happens way too often. I don’t know what’s the matter with these customers,” I say as I clean up underneath the counters.

“People are just walking out their houses for the first time. They forgot that other people exist outside their house,” Phillip says, making me laugh.

As I get up, a customer walks up to the counter with a vinyl and a sweater. “Found everything okay?”

“Uh, yeah, I was wondering if you guys price match with A+ store?” she asks.

“No, our prices are set, and this vinyl is made by a local musician. They’re unavailable at other stores,” I explain politely.

“Really? Because I saw all of this stuff at A+ store,” she says adamantly.

“Do you mind if you show me on your phone?” I ask.

She scoffs. Here comes the Felicia. “No, I shouldn’t have to. You should actually take my word for it and price match all this stuff.”

I sigh, then I take my phone out and go into the website to search up the items. I nod as I say, “Ah, I see now.”

“I told you,” Felicia says, smirking.

“You’re right, I see their items available in this website. But…” I say as I look at their prices.

“But what?” she says, waiting for me to finish.

“Well, number one, we’re not partnered with A+ store as this store is family-owned, and number two,” I explain, then I show her my phone, “their prices are set higher than what we’re selling them for.”

She goes quiet, even her eyes widen. Inside, I’m giggling like a clown.

“You can order for them if you want. At least you’ll get free shipping,” I say as I smile at her.

She shakes her as she says, “No, it’s okay. You already have them, so it makes sense to get it from you.”

“Not a problem, then,” I say as I ring up the items. Once she finishes the transaction, I give her a free gift that goes with the promotion as I wish her a great day.

As much as I love being the bigger person, I just don’t like how these customers keep asking for discounts from a store we’re not even associated with. I have to repeatedly tell them every day that it’s family owned. We even have to mark down the merchandise with discounts after their three-month shelf life. I don’t see that as an issue, but to keep asking for discounts because another store has them just gets on my nerves.

I don’t get why they waste their time store hopping to get cheaper prices and expect other stores to change their prices. Do they really have all that time in their hands?

If they do, I would like some, please!

For the rest of the day, we’ve helped customers picture albums they enjoy and even have fun listening to snippets together in our sample station. Then, we came across some more Felicias that either wanted a free gift without buying the merchandise that goes with it or wanted to sit in the corner near the RnB section. When Paul came over with his partner, Charlie handed them the report for what happened today, then they caught a group of Stans attempting to steal the new release CDs and instrument accessories. One of them even tried to steal a CD again while Paul and Charlie were talking to them. It’s like they don’t listen at all.

What is up today? At this point, I need my shift to be over soon so I can go home and sleep.

After ringing up my last customer, Alicia comes in and takes over the register. “I wish you luck tonight,” I tell her.

“Another Sunday?” She asks. When I nod, she shrugs and says, “I figured as much. Take care, Natalie.”

“You, too, Alicia,” I say as I leave the counter. I walk to the back and clock out for the day, letting out a breath of relief. It’s evening now so I don’t have to experience the scorching summer sun. After grabbing my stuff, I walk out of the office and through the store, waving at my coworkers on my way out. Just as I reach the exit, I hear something break and screaming, “MOM! I WANT THAT ALBUM NOW!!”

Oh great, a kid broke something because their mom wouldn’t buy an album for them. I see Charlie power walking with Phillip and the closing manager to the direction of the screaming kid. I wince at their urgency, even feel bad that Phillip would have to make a report of the damaged property. Just as we were making money selling a lot of our merchandise, we lose money when someone either breaks something or steals it. And this happens every Sunday, yet I always wonder how Phillip keeps it together. If I was in his position, I would have called my therapist on speed dial.

“It’s always on Sundays that crazy shit happens,” I mumble to myself as I walk out the door, and the refreshing breeze caresses my face while I walk to my car. Hopefully, tomorrow will be calmer and stress-free.

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