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Here’s my opinion on conversations: I would have never thought I would enjoy them, but there are some that I just filter out to suppress my irritation.

I’ve come to learn that we’re all social creatures and I would always dream of having all of these different conversations. I like talking to people, but I find myself more open to conversations that feel exciting, intriguing, and meaningful. Whether online or in-person, I’m always honest about the conversations I engage in. I find it fair to be honest, so I don’t waste time with the other person. Now the ones who do feel offended that I don’t engage with them, I don’t know what to tell them.

I’ve had conversations about events that have taken place at school, at home, and at work, but a great majority of those conversations have taken place at work about work. So much would happen in a single shift that there could be a volume of books about them. Within these conversations between my coworkers and myself, they’re mostly about the outsiders and their behavior. We would feel irritated that we have to deal with the behavior of the outsiders, we tend to laugh as we joke about them. Eventually, we would end up having to hold these conversations to a more private setting because people are nosy and feel offended when we talk about them.

Although the work-related conversations may relieve some stress during the moment, the conversations about the arts are the ones that I do enjoy with friends and coworkers.

Our conversations are of TV shows and movies we’ve watched, the books we’ve read and wanted to read, music we’ve listened to, and artwork that we’ve seen. It feels nice and exciting to have these conversations because I always receive different reactions, opinions, and feelings from other people. The more honest they are with their thoughts, the more engaging and exciting it is for me; and I get an idea of what they like, what they don’t like, and how they genuinely feel. At first, I would be afraid of taking on new interests, but through these conversations, I would learn new songs, new stories, new movies and shows, and new artwork to see why they would like them. It’s so often that the engagement of these conversations is so intriguing, it gives me ideas of how people think and behave. It feels just as refreshing as the conversations about new ideas and changes

I haven’t come across conversations about making changes, bringing new ideas, or thinking about solutions, but when I do it’s not only thrilling, but also inspiring. It’s always necessary to be realistic, but I’m more of an idealist when I think about the world, I would want to live in. When it comes to entrepreneurship, education, and purpose, it’s not just about being “wealthy,” but more about solving problems and changing perspectives for myself and those who want to change. Although the conversations do get uncomfortable as they call us out, they are necessary when we want to change something within our lives. All of this comes from having those uncomfortable conversations and reading books that were introduced to me by close friends.

Just as there are meaningful conversations, there are also meaningless conversations that I want to avoid. The conversations I find the most annoying are small talk and weather talk. I really don’t care for those conversations because they waste so much time, and I find them baseless and unamusing. Yeah, I know, roll your eyes and huff and puff all you want about it. I just can’t stand there and take on small talk and weather talk because they’re not fun. They’re awkward for me when someone initiates them. I get that certain people enjoy small talk with others, so I’d say have at it. I would talk about jokes, but that’s already established in the previous blog article about which jokes are funny and which are not.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert, all I know is that I’m more open with meaningful conversations than just small talk. So, for those who enjoy small talk, I may not be the right person, but I do hope Nancy and Ben from next door will be.

Remember, different people enjoy different conversations, and you can almost read their body language with how they respond to the topics on the table. Whether it’s events that occurred in the workplace or at home, or even about the arts and innovative ideas, we’re all allowed to have whatever conversations that makes us feel comfortable and have fun with them.

Thank you for tuning in on Olive’s Corner at Olive’s Café!

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