OMEGA X Current Treatment

Hello coffee lovers and avid readers! This is K. Oliver for Olive’s Cafe for a special bulletin.

For the past week, I recently noticed that a Kpop group, OMEGA X, we’re on tour and their mistreatment have surfaced on social media, mainly Twitter. Not only are fans and non-fans are spreading the word of their mistreatment by their CEO, there have been evidence by audio and video recording of what has taken place.

Additionally, the group is currently in the US while the staff of Spire Entertainment flew back to Korea.

The audio clip has now surpassed 2 million views and even media outlets are reporting the news of the situation.

#PROTECTOMEGA_X is now trending on Twitter and friends and acquaintances of the group are sharing their anger on the treatment. Personally, I am livid with anger as this mistreatment is a violation of human rights, including on the health of an artist.

When it comes to artists, I am FULLY in support of them and only hope for their well-being, especially when they’re partnered with an agency. The CEO of the company has demonstrated cruel behavior against the group, specifically at Jaehan, the leader of the group.

I want to spread the information beyond Twitter and I want everyone to know that the mistreatment shall not be tolerated nor ignored. Please share this information so something can be done.

Thank you for tuning in on Olive’s Bulletin at Olive’s Cafe.

Enjoy your coffee artistically!

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